Roy horn dating - Backbone single view multiple models

Backbone single view multiple models
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The goal of this sample code is to show an alert box stating the item’s `name` attribute when we click on a link. The click event that we set up listens to any and all clicks for any and all tags in our list.

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Using this Expando Object, we can create a new object and can add our list of teachers and students into it as a property. In the above example, we have the required View model with two properties. To get intellisense in the view, we need to define a strongly typed view. Using View Data View Data is used to transfer data from the controller to the view.

We can pass this dynamically created object to the view and render list of the teacher and student. Using View Model View Model is nothing but a single class that may have multiple models. View Data is a dictionary object that may be accessible using a string as the key.

This entirely depends on how you're using Backbone and what you've built upon it.

Since model instances are cached, the potential exists for unneeded objects to hang around in memory.

The disadvantages of this method is that there are only multiple calls of the controller.