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Casual dating erfahrungen Trier
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After ten minutes the S gives the first saliva sample. There, the S encounters the following experimental set-up: in the middle of the room is a microphone stand.

This device mainly consists of a small swab (which you might know from the dentist's) which the Ss gently chew on for 30-90 seconds until they feel that the swab is soaked with saliva.

Note that there are three different Salivettes on the market: (a) the 'plain,' (b) the plastic-coated, and (c) the citric acid-stimulated Salivette.

Behind the table sits a group of two or three people, who will be referred to as "the committee." On the table there is a cassette recorder that is connected to the microphone and a data protocol sheet in front of each committee member.

back to top The experimenter (who first greeted the S) explains to the S that he/she will have to deliver a speech for a job application to the committee, for which he/she would have ten minutes to prepare. In addition, members of the committee would take notes regarding the manner and contents of the speech.

A PDF FAQs summary, Salivary Cortisol: Technical Issues written by Clemens Kirschbaum, is available. Therefore, all persons involved in the TSST (experimenters involved in the committee, introduction & post-test assessments and debriefing; see below) should be familiar with the exact procedure of this stress protocol.