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The German domestic intelligence agency claims that supporters shared a "common national revolutionary understanding and a national socialistic body of thought." The Thüringer Heimatschutz's website declares that "the creation of a multicultural society is one of the greatest crimes that has ever been perpetrated against humanity. They were spotted at neo-Nazi demonstrations in Saalfeld, a town south of Jena, and at the trial of a Holocaust denier named Manfred Roeder in Erfurt. The punk was with four of his friends, and Uwe B., he says, pulled out a long dagger to watch the group go by.It is the systematic eradication of cultural identity and, thus, entire peoples." 'A Very Close Trio' After they disappeared in 1998, Uwe B., Uwe M. They didn't always live together, as they did near the end. was together with one for a while, and then the other," said a former neighbor. "I had the feeling that he was afraid of us, because we were older and bigger than him," says the former punk.Police add that she hasn't said much else in the meantime.

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The underground lives of three suspected neo-Nazis came spectacularly to the surface over the weekend following a bank robbery, a double shooting and an arson in eastern Germany.

A cop killing appears to have been solved, but now authorities in the state of Thuringia are suspected of helping the suspects. Studierte von 20 Philosophie, Rechtswissenschaft und Literaturwissenschaft in Freiburg.

And in 2007, a 22-year-old police officer in Heilbronn, near Stuttgart, was killed execution-style during a lunchbreak by several shots to the head. Her 25-year-old partner, Martin A., spent several weeks in a coma.

His service pistol and Kiesewetter's were among the weapons found in the Zwickau house and the bloody trailer on Saturday.

A German far-right band called "Eichenlaub" mentions them in a song penned in 1998 -- a time when they supposedly disappeared underground, suspected of building several bombs, the subject of police arrest warrants. Arrest warrants were issued, but none of the suspects were detained. Some believe they had organized support during their 13 years underground. Perhaps the far-right scene, perhaps organized crime; perhaps -- most controversially -- from Thuringia's state Office for the Protection of the Constitution (which should be fighting neo-Nazis).