kontaktinserate Wuppertal - Dating 50 plus Bornholm

Dating 50 plus Bornholm
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Source Material in the Danish National Archives The Danish State Archives comprise the Danish National Archives in Copenhagen and four Provincial Archives (addresses below).

The Danish National Archives keep the records of the Central Administration.

Letters from Denmark Perhaps no one in the family understands a word of Danish any longer; but even so, old letters from Danish relatives may still be about, and return addresses, maybe even postmarks, may be extremely helpful in suggesting the best starting point for an investigation.

Books and documents brought along from Denmark Material of this kind may be in the form of diaries or a family Bible containing entries about memorable events in the family.

Family History If the object of the research is to trace the family as far back as possible, the state archives may become involved; such institutions, however, are under no obligation to undertake private investigation and cannot be expected to do more than look up a few concrete answers to a few concrete questions.

Any major research must be carried out personally in the reading rooms of the archives which are open to public, free of charge; however, these institutions can be instrumental in bringing about contacts with researchers who are willing to undertake the genealogical work required, but the archives are not obliged to do so and cannot be held responsible for the results.

However dubious family traditions may be, the old stories could contain the elements that would complete the picture; if any such story can be corroborated by written testimony, much has already been achieved.