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In 1925, Prandtl was appointed as the director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Fluid Mechanics.He introduced the concept of boundary layer and founded mathematical aerodynamics by calculating air flow in the down wind direction.

Carl Friedrich Gauss taught here in the 19th century.

Bernhard Riemann, Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet and a number of significant mathematicians made their contributions to mathematics here.

of the historical school of law, and Rudolf von Jhering, a jurist who created the theory of "culpa in contraendo" and wrote Battle for Right, taught here and maintained the reputation of the faculty of law.

Otto von Bismarck, the main creator and the first Chancellor of the second German Empire, had also studied law in Göttingen in 1833: he lived in a tiny house on the "Wall", now known as "Bismarck Cottage".

According to oral tradition, he lived there because his rowdiness had caused him to be banned from living within the city walls.