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Rain bi dating 2014
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Depending on your efforts, love is something that could be eternal, or something that could end tomorrow.” — Rain, on love by Terri :-} @ Cloud USA ° HIS IDEAL WOMAN (Based on a variety of interviews from 2002—2010) :-} “I would like to feel at ease with her when we talk. So, no matter what happens, I have to give it my best. So, that’s probably why I’m able to work hard, regardless of the difficulties that I may come across.

Someone who’s fun, who is a good cook, who enjoys the things I like, who looks good in jeans and a tee-shirt. Despite the regrets that I have, and the guilt that I have with my mother, I think I can now think of myself as her proud son and a good friend.” “My father is the drive to my life and gives me a place to relax, but my source of motivation is my mother. My younger sister is busy studying fashion design in college.

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I know, but it seems a bit expensive.’ [Her] ‘Just don’t buy it if it’s expensive.’ She is rude. One day, I found my jewelry was disappearing one piece at a time from my room. My sister is a gangster—a kind of pushy personality. She is busy doing her stuff, which is better than feeling alone. That way, when I’m 40 or 50, and I have my own children, I will have enough knowledge with which to education them.

From a brother’s point of view, I’m proud of my sister.” “I think I must take all kinds of opportunities when I am young and try to taste not only success but also failure.

’ She said she didn’t sleep, or that she would just sleep 20-30 minutes, then wake up because of work. And I’m still working hard because I feel guilty about my mother. Because they are here, I can concentrate on my work, but it is so lonely though.” “The three of us are alone as well. Not yet.’ Then, [Both] ‘Good night,’ and then she goes back to her room. ’ [Her] ‘Yes, I’m going to school.’ Then, [Both] ‘Good-bye.’ There are only like 3 sentences in a day.

Would you please correct me, because I’m going to try speaking in English? But as I said, my mother was the greatest motivation for me to try to do my best.

The reason I’m bringing this up is when I was young, I attended Anyang Arts High School. When I woke up, there was this girl in cotton pants and a white cotton shirt. If I could have put away my dream and ambition even a little bit, I could have lived more happily. Whenever I start a new drama or launch a new album, I always go first to my mother and tell her. It all goes really well and I think she is really helping me so much.


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