Single mindelheim

Single mindelheim
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In the system business, for instance, GROB shows further developed single and dual-spindle G-modules.All axis, clamping and feed movements are executed by NC-controlled servo drives without hydraulics.A terrace overlooking the Mindel River and stylish rooms with free Wi Fi are offered by Hotel Kunstmühle.

As the two carriages are independent, a single gantry is able to accommodate parallel and serial processes simultaneously, enabling both single and dual-spindle G-modules to be loaded.

All G-modules are independent of the running time of the loading gantry.

Even the gripper of the linear gantry is equipped with NC-controlled servo drives.

This system graphically demonstrates the entire bandwidth of GROB technology for all system engineering applications in the automotive industry.

In addition to the B-axis, the A-axis is now also equipped with a non-wearing torque motor, effectively doubling acceleration.