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Women dating Vejle
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Because of her careful placement, and since cremation was the prevailing mode of interment during that period in Jutland, the examiners determined the Haraldskær Woman was a victim of ritual sacrifice.Other bog bodies recovered on the Jutland peninsula which have undergone as extensive an analysis as the Haraldskær Woman include Tollund Man, Grauballe Man, Elling Woman, Huldremose Woman and the Borremose Woman.Based upon the belief of her royal personage, King Frederick VI of Denmark-Norway commanded an elaborately carved sarcophagus to hold her body. A pioneer in archaeological stratigraphy, Worsaae presented evidence the Haraldskær Woman dated from the Iron Age.

Workers found the body in 1835 while excavating peat on the Haraldskær Estate.

The anaerobic conditions and acids of the peat bog contributed to the body's excellent preservation.

Excavators found the body of the Haraldskær Woman in a supine position in an excellent state of preservation.

She was naked and her clothes, consisting of a leather cape and three woolen garments, had been placed on top of her.

These theories are consistent with the body being put into a bog as opposed to burial in dry earth.